Holiday Attractions in Fort Myers

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Summer at the beach is a lot of fun, but there’s something special about spending the Christmas holidays in Fort Myers. Temperatures are still warm and the sun is still shining, even though Christmas is quickly approaching. Holidays in Fort Myers are simply indescribable, and while there’s plenty to see and do, you’ll also have time to relax at your Fort Myers vacation rental.

What is the Weather?

Cold weather, snow, and grey skies can take a toll, especially when it’s forecast for months. Spending Christmas in Fort Myers will lift your spirits and get rid of the cold-weather blues. While the average summer temperatures are in the nineties, winter weather is warm and comfortable. 

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With temperatures averaging in the mid to upper 70’s during the day and only dipping into the 50’s at night, you can leave your heavy coat and bulky sweaters at home!

With temperatures averaging in the mid to upper 70’s during the day and only dipping into the 50’s at night, you can leave your heavy coat and bulky sweaters at home! The weather in Fort Myers during the holiday season is perfect for beach walks and other fun events.

What is There to Do?

There are plenty of Fort Myers events for all ages. Some, like the Edison Festival of Lights, are ideal for the entire family. See dogs strut their stuff in a parade and grab lunch and a craft beer at any one of several food trucks. There are also parades for juniors to participate in, along with crafts by the river and discovery booths for adults and kids. 

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Holiday attractions in Fort Meyers aren’t limited to just parades. At Edison & Ford Winter Estates, you can tour the grounds and Christmas decorations. Don’t forget to plan some time watching the boats from the local marinas sail along the waterways! The boats are dressed up for Christmas and make a spectacular show when they’re lined up for a parade. 

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The Palm Dinner Theater hosts shows for both adults and children during the Fort Myers holiday season. You can also enjoy a seasonal dinner at the theater before the show. Miromar Outlets will take care of any last-minute shopping, and you can even stop for a picture with Santa Claus. If you want to treat yourself, take a short cruise along the Southwest Florida coast. You’ll learn some of the area’s history, see a beautiful sunset, and maybe run across a few playful dolphins! 

Where to Stay

You can always stay in a hotel, but when you’re spending Christmas in Fort Myers, it’s nice to have a little more space and privacy for family gatherings. When it comes to Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals, you have plenty of options. 

Our Fort Myers’ beachfront vacation rentals include your choice of a condo or house. Fort Myers Beach condos for rent often have shorter minimum stays, but you can also find houses that only require you to pay for 7 days. Both types of vacation rentals in Fort Myers offer plenty of amenities; the primary difference is you might have to share with other residents in the condominium complex. 

When you rent a vacation home in Fort Myers, your minimum stay is usually around a week. However, this time frame is perfect during the long Christmas holiday. You’ll have the privacy that a home provides, and you only have to share the amenities with those in the house. If beach access and stunning views are important, you’ll get these with either type of vacation rental in Fort Myers. 

You might miss having a white Christmas for a few minutes, but it won’t take long before the warm weather and holiday decorations get you in a festive mood. You’ll quickly remember that a white Christmas comes with freezing temperatures, and palm trees look great with colored holiday lights!

Plan Your Next Visit

This holiday season, take a break from the cold and spend Christmas in Fort Myers. There are plenty of holiday-inspired events to attend, and you won’t have any problem finding a vacation rental in Fort Myers that will make you feel at home!