Fort Myers' Top 5 Must-Try Restaurants

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Fort Myers' Top 5 Must-Try Restaurants

As we reflect on the remarkable efforts of the Fort Myers Beach community in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, we're thrilled to highlight our current top five restaurants that have reopened their doors and are eagerly welcoming guests once again. Dining out transcends mere nourishment; it's an immersive voyage into culinary delight. With a rich tapestry of cuisines and atmospheres, all these dining scenes cater to every taste bud's desire. For travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the essence of Southwest Florida's culinary excellence, these top five open restaurants promise an unforgettable gastronomic adventure!

1. Dixie Fish Company
Along the picturesque shores of Matanzas Pass, Dixie Fish Company seamlessly blends classic Florida fishhouse charm with award-winning flavors, offering an unforgettable dining experience in Fort Myers Beach. With the inviting aroma of fresh seafood filling the air and panoramic views of the shimmering waters, diners are treated to both culinary excellence and stunning vistas. From succulent shrimp to perfectly grilled fish, each dish reflects the restaurant's commitment to quality and taste, while the laid-back ambiance and friendly staff enhance every moment spent savoring the Gulf's bounty. Whether catching the sunset with loved ones or enjoying a leisurely lunch with friends, Dixie Fish Company promises a dining experience that captures the essence of waterfront living in Southwest Florida.
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2. Flipper’s on the Bay
With a backdrop of the tranquil Estero Bay waters, enjoying a refreshing beverage at Flipper’s on the Bay reveals why it holds the title of the island's "best waterfront restaurant". Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner service, this open-air establishment stands out as one of the island's few spots catering to all-day dining. Its relaxed, beachy ambiance sets the perfect tone, complemented unexpectedly by the kitchen's consistently exceptional cuisine across all mealtimes.
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3. The Island View
At The Island View, you'll find a distinctive wood-burning oven imported from Italy—one of just 15 in the entire United States. With dishes made-to-order, this oven cooks at a scorching 750 degrees, resulting in swift and flavorful roasting using all-natural heat. Indulge in an array of Italian specialties, from calzones to stuffed eggplant, gourmet flatbreads, and pizzas. Our renowned $5 Wood Fired Pizzas draw beachgoers in, and they're instantly captivated by our diverse menu offerings. Don't miss out on exploring our enticing happy hour menu as well!
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4. Nervous Nellie's
Nervous Nellie's is a laid-back, family-friendly eatery offering a wide variety of appetizers, fresh seafood, generously filled sandwiches and hearty entrées. Whether you prefer the cool comfort of indoor dining or the scenic views from Nellie's spacious waterfront patio, there's a spot for everyone. Plus, enjoy live music performances every day for added entertainment.
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5. MoJoe's Coffee Cafe
MoJoe's Coffee Cafe is a cozy spot for coffee lovers and food enthusiasts alike. This charming cafe is celebrated for its inviting atmosphere, friendly service, and exceptional coffee selection. From rich espressos to velvety lattes, each cup is expertly crafted to perfection, providing patrons with a delightful caffeine fix. Beyond coffee, MoJoe's offers a tempting array of freshly baked pastries, hearty breakfast options, and delectable sandwiches, ensuring there's something to satisfy every craving. Whether you're seeking a quiet spot to savor your morning brew or a laid-back setting to enjoy a leisurely meal with friends, MoJoe's Coffee Cafe promises a memorable experience that captures the essence of coastal living in Southwest Florida.
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Whether your palate yearns for the freshness of seafood, the comfort of Southern classics or the excitement of international flavors, Fort Myers Beach boast an abundance of exceptional dining options. From upscale establishments to laid-back beachfront cafes, these top five open restaurants epitomize the essence of our local culinary landscape. So, take a seat, indulge in a toast and get ready to immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Southwest Florida. Here's to unforgettable meals and cherished memories! Discover all the Distinctive Beach Vacation Rentals available in Fort Myers Beach today!