What is the Weather Like in Fort Myers Beach, Florida?

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What is the Weather Like in Fort Myers Beach, Florida?

With many locations to choose from, how do you decide where to book your next vacation? Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals are a cheaper alternative to some of the more crowded areas of Florida. With 320+ properties, amazing weather, many top vacation spots, and popular events, Fort Myers Beach is waiting for you to book your next vacation. Before you book, though, you may want to know a bit about the typical Fort Myers Beach weather.

About Weather Conditions

Fort Myers Beach is a popular spot in Florida, largely because of the weather. From winter, spring, summer and fall, every season is ideal for a week of sun, fun and relaxation.

March to May in Florida is a great time to visit, as the sun is out but hasn’t reached the sometimes blazing temperatures of summertime. You’re missing hurricane season, though spring showers are common. As it’s before peak season, spring can bring discounted rates to keep your vacation fun and a little lighter on the wallet. 

Temperatures in the low 90s aren’t a deterrent to many families during the summer months, as people flock to Fort Myers Beach for a much-deserved break from school and work. Crowds are more common during these months, and as such, rates can be higher, so be sure to book early. Be sure to pack an umbrella as well, just in case you run into any summer showers. 

September to November can be an ideal time to visit Fort Myers Beach, as the scalding heat has eased to comfortable temperatures in the 70s and 80s. The beach fun remains, but you get more seclusion and lower rates on your accommodations. A word of caution: the threat of hurricanes remains during this season. 

December to February boasts the mildest temperatures of the year, averaging low to mid 70s. Many people from the north flock to their Fort Myers Beach condos during the winter. Booking rates may be a bit higher during this season due to the mild temperatures, but it’s still much less than more crowded spots. 

The Most Popular Time to Visit

Out of all the seasons, winter is the most popular time to visit Fort Myers Beach. This is a result of clear weather, mild temperatures (in the 70s) and, of course, the beaches. Worry not about the humid heat of summer and consider booking a winter vacation!

Plan Your Next Stay

Although there may be bigger spots for Florida vacations, Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals have them beat. With great weather, fewer crowds, awe-inspiring events, and unbeatable rates, you cannot go wrong with Fort Myers Beach as your vacation destination. Come book your rental today to get the best rates for any season!

Because of this, the rates will be higher in this season than they otherwise would be. Despite this, you absolutely can’t beat the experience of having a beach vacation in the dead of winter. When booking for the winter, always be sure to book at least a few months ahead – the further ahead you book, the more you save on your booking rates.

Where to Stay

Fort Myers Beach may not be the most popular Florida city to vacation, but there are plenty of things to see and do, as well as tons of places to stay while you enjoy some fun in the sun. With over 320+ properties, including beachfront properties and beautiful condos, Distinctive Beach Rentals has the ultimate selection of vacation accommodations in Fort Myers Beach.

Do you need a spacious home with a deck and pool? Perhaps simply a cozy Florida condo to sleep in while you explore by day? Or a pet-friendly rental for you and your pooch? No matter the season or size of your party, you’re sure to find the perfect arrangement for your specific needs.