4 Ways to Enjoy the Beaches Near Fort Myers

Beach Parks Around Fort Myers

4 Ways to Enjoy the Beaches Near Fort Myers

If you’re traveling to Fort Myers Beach, you are bound to hit one of the Florida beaches. Everyone knows that the beaches are Lee County’s No. 1 outdoor attraction.

Fort Myers isn’t home to one main beach, though. If you stay at one of our Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals, you have access to a multitude of beach escapes, equal parts exciting and relaxing.

Below is our guide to the best beaches of Fort Myers and how you can enjoy them on your Florida escape.

Lynn Hall Memorial Park

This is the main public beach on Fort Myers Beach, located beside Times Square. Here you’ll find a playground area for the kids, fishing pier, picnic huts, benches, information kiosks, shops, and plenty of restaurants.

Lynn Hall is considered one of the most prominent Fort Myers public beaches. By size alone, it beats out any of the nearby beach locales. But the location is also convenient. Located right by Times Square, you can easily dip your toes in the water and venture out for a day of shopping.

The Lynn Hall Memorial Park features an array of welcoming amenities, including a playground area for the kids, expansive picnic areas with huts and benches, and a Fort Myers beach information stand to direct you to the top sights and sounds of Sanibel and Fort Myers. You can also find clean Fort Myers beach bathrooms here.

Visitors will instantly adore the fishing and sightseeing pier. This Fort Myers Beach pier is an acclaimed attraction and a defining feature for the area.

Bowditch Point Park

We love the comparably quiet isolation of Bowditch Point Park. While there’s usually a modest crowd, the park is rarely ever “crowded.” It’s a quiet and beautiful escape in an unspoiled and natural beach area. There’s native vegetation for you to admire and spectacular views at every turn.

The beach actually wraps around the northernmost portion of Fort Myers Beach. It is partially encompassed by the wonderful waters of San Carlos Bay. It touches a portion of another body of water. What body of water is Fort Myers beach on? It is directly on the magical and ethereal Gulf of Mexico. Visit Bowditch to get some of the best uninterrupted and isolated views of the gulf.

The Fort Myers public beaches hold many secrets, from the quiet treasures of Lovers Key State Park to the popular adventures of Lynn Hall Memorial Park.

Beach Access Points Along Estero Boulevard

There are numerous beach access points all along Estero Blvd. These allow access to the full 7 miles of white sugar sand beach to everyone. The north end of the island by Times Square tends to be the busiest, while the middle of the island and south end beach areas are generally quiet.

Estero Boulevard runs the bulk of Fort Myers Beach down past Lovers Key State Park and into the wetlands of Bonita Spring’s gulf coast.

You can find many of the beach access points of Fort Myers Beach concentrated along Estero Blvd. There’s a beach access point at Newton Park and a point at Palm Ave, among others.

Find an attraction or activity and look at which beach access area is closest. If you plan it right, you can simply walk from one place to the other. Remember to check out Fort Myers local restaurants.

Lovers Key State Park Recreation

Lovers Key is an isolated haven of magic and wonder. This is the top place to be if you are seeking isolated beach escapes. Many locations here have little to no facilities. Visitors weave their way through subdued and quiet bike trails, while others float on the waters with kayaks and canoes.

The area is also well-known for its manatee and dolphin sightings, both attracted to the area for its quiet demeanor, restricted boat travel, and warm waters. This area is massive. We recommend a Fort Myers beach public access map on Lovers Key State Park. They are available as you enter the site.