Deep Sea Fishing at Fort Myers Beach

A Charter Provider will cover everything you need for Your Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Deep Sea Fishing at Fort Myers Beach

Summer travelers to Florida have a special advantage; they can handle Florida’s sometimes unruly summer heat. As beautiful as Florida is, it can get toasty. This is especially so if the wind is flat and you are out on the water, fishing the afternoon away under the baking Florida sun.

Summer travelers, though, have the guts to fight through the summer heat on the Florida beaches to have an amazing vacation.

If you consider yourself part of this category, you are in luck. Florida travelers during the summer are able to experience some of the best gulf fishing for the year. There is some wonderful deep-sea fishing, also known as offshore fishing, opportunities available during the peak of the summer heat. We want to carry you through some of the summer season deep sea fishing near our Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals.

The Thrill of Deep Sea Fishing

Firstly, what is deep sea fishing? This type of fishing excursion carries you deep into the gulf, formerly defined as anything more than nine miles off the coastline. You can easily be in waters a hundred feet deep or more.

What do you need for deep sea fishing? A charter provider will cover everything you need for the trip. Come prepared for a full six-hour day or more, pack multiple meals, first aid, different garments for incremental weather, and anything else the guides recommend. Most Fort Myers Beach fishing charters have a list of recommended items. Usually, all gear is provided.

Deep Sea Charter Providers

There are numerous Fort Myers Beach fishing charters available to you. One of the most popular is Paradise Charters, Fort Myers. The provider spans the entire loop of Estero Island, with special trips for shark and snapper.

One of the leading offshore charters is Offshore Hunter Fishing Charters. With a distinct focus on large game, the crew carries you to some of the most under-visited Fort Myers fishing spots for massive grouper and amberjacks with Captain Kreis. Tackle some pretty epic grouper fishing near Fort Myers Beach aboard the 31’ Yellowfin Center Console fishing boat.

How much does it cost to go deep sea fishing? The cost varies based on the number of people you have onboard. Typically, you can expect to spend about $550 to $650 on a trip, with rates increased for deeper offshore trips. For example, game-focused charter trips with Offshore Hunter can cost about $1,600 for a full 12-hour day.

Fishing Guides

What can you expect to catch on a fishing journey?

Fort Myers Beach fishing guides divide the fishing possibilities by season. Find your top catch and explore the season they are biting. Black Grouper is usually around for January through to March.

The Fort Myers fishing report suggests that bluegill bite from March into August or September, as well as snook, sunfish, and some species of snapper. The closer you get to the fringe of any season, the less likely you are to grab what you want. Try to stay in the center of the season when targeting a specific species.

Is Deep Sea Fishing for You?

The bottom line is that deep sea fishing is a fantastic way to experience the richest times at the Gulf of Mexico. The water is deep and blue. The waves are big and bombastic. The game is often huge and the possibilities are endless.

But deep sea fishing isn’t for everyone. For one, trips are rarely less than a full day, with six-hour trips as the normal minimum trip length. Is deep sea fishing dangerous? Any time you are out on the water for an extended period, there is a risk. But there are coast guard patrols regularly stationed in the deep sea of the gulf. Further, all charters are well-prepared with proper communications, life jackets, and other precautions are required by law. It certainly isn’t dangerous if you go with a professional charter. But deep-sea trips are generally not recommended for families with young children, especially if you are going over six hours (the minimum deep sea trip for most charters).

What do you need for deep-sea fishing? You need an adventurous spirit and a lot of patience. While it can take some time to get that ideal grab, once it happens, it is extremely rewarding.

But if you’re not a boat-on-the-water kind of family, there’s always baseball spring training!