Scuba Dive Like a Professional in the Gulf of Mexico on Your Next Fort Myers Vacation

Scuba Diving in Fort Myers

Scuba Dive Like a Professional in the Gulf of Mexico on Your Next Fort Myers Vacation

If you’re planning a trip to Fort Myers Beach there is a fun activity for everyone in your group to enjoy. You might want to spend your days relaxing on the beach, sampling local seafood at a fantastic restaurant, or shopping till you drop at one of the local boutiques. If you’re looking to add something fun and unique to your itinerary, consider scuba diving!

Even if you’ve never been scuba diving before, you can use your vacation as an opportunity to try something new. You’ll get an unmatched view of the marine life while you explore their natural habitats. Best of all, there are tons of great scuba diving opportunities near our Fort Myers Beach rentals!

Scuba Diving in Lee County

When most people think about scuba diving and snorkeling in Florida, they are told to head to the Keys. However, the local Gulf waters are incredibly underrated and make for a great scuba diving destination. This gives you a big advantage because the waters won’t be nearly as crowded and you can have them all to yourself!

Many people do prefer visiting the Keys on Florida’s East Coast for scuba diving because of the colorful tropical fish.

While it’s true that these aren’t as prevalent in the Fort Myers Beach area, there are many natural limestone ledges that are full of life. Even though you won’t get to experience the coral reefs you might be expecting, there are still incredible sites for you to check out. Since much of the seafloor is barren sand, the Lee County Division of Natural Resources has created artificial reefs on 20 sites that range from 4 to 30 miles offshore in 30 to 90 feet of water. Here are two popular local wreck sites for divers in the Fort Myers Beach area.

Bay Ronto

Bay Ronto is a 400-foot British freighter that currently sits about 32 miles west of Boca Grande pass.  This 6000-ton British freighter was built in 1905 and sunk in a hurricane on September 13th, 1919. Today, the ship lies upside down in 110 feet of water. If you scuba dive out to this site, look out for the crack in the hull. This crack makes the stern side sit 20 feet higher than the bow section. More experienced divers will love darting in and out of the various compartments.


Another nearby freight wreck, the Fantastico was a Honduran freighter that can be found about 48 miles southwest of Fort Myers Beach. The Fantastico was approximately 200 feet in length and, while carrying a load of fertilizer for Miami to Tampa, found itself in the midst of the 1993 “No Name” storm, causing it to sink. When you dive down, you’ll see that the whole is been upward around one of the forward cargo holds, and the bow is still intact. You can also see remains of the radio room, the bridge, and the radar and telegraph stands. Today, schools of amberjack and snapper called this wreck home. This is a deeper dive, so only advanced divers should attempt it.

Find a Guide

If you’re not comfortable scuba diving on your own, there are several dive charters nearby that would be happy to take you down in the water. A couple of the most well-known scuba instruction centers include Reel 1 Up Fish and Dive Charters, Dean’s Dive Center, Inc, Scubavice Diving Center, and Captain Pete’s Diving Outfitters. At any of these locations, you can choose to schedule a dive session with a seasoned pro or simply grab the equipment you need to take to the water on your own.

Be Our Guest

After you’ve spent your day enjoying the Gulf Shore scuba diving and other fun things to do near Fort Myers, you’re sure to be exhausted! We are proud to offer the premier Fort Myers beachfront vacation rentals for you to rest your head. We provide the ultimate combination of comfort and luxury, allowing you to leave your worries at home and let us handle everything. Contact us today to start planning your vacation!