22nd New Smyna Beach Jazz Festival

Enjoy Live Music & Great Vibes from Jazz Enthusiasts from Across the Globe!

Treat your ears to some smooth jazz at The New Smyrna Beach Jazz Festival, one of Central Florida's premier music events! This three-day festival from April 17th-19th promises great jazz, delicious food, and loads of fun. The festival has found its perfect home on Flagler Avenue, where concert-goers can seamlessly move from club to club, enjoying performances that stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian River.

The festival has grown and expanded its reach over the years, now including Third Avenue, Canal Street, South Atlantic Avenue, the North Causeway in New Smyrna Beach, Riverside Drive, and Route 44. This year's event is set to be the biggest and best yet! The New Smyrna Beach Jazz Festival traces its roots back to September 2001 when founder Marc Monteson turned an idea from the Merchants of Flagler Association into a reality. The idea was brought to a reality with the intention to bring traffic to local businesses during a slow time of the year - since then it has evolved into a spectacular musical celebration.

In 2014, the festival featured 24 venues hosting visitors from 10 states, showcasing top-name jazz musicians from across the country, including New Smyrna's own, the late Harold Blanchard. Jazz was introduced to Flagler Avenue in the form of 'Jazz It Up On Flagler Avenue' in January 2000, with bi-monthly concerts at the Gazebo on the corner of Pine and Flagler.

Today, The New Smyrna Beach Jazz Festival stands as a top-notch weekend musical event, supported by private and public donations, local volunteers, and the dedication of founder Marc Monteson. Plan your trip today and be part of this extraordinary celebration of jazz on the charming streets of New Smyrna Beach!

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