St. Augustine Spanish Food & Wine Festival

Savor the Essence

Steeped in diverse cultures and ethnicities, the tapestry of St. Augustine's history finds its primary thread in Spanish exploration and colonization. Nearly 454 years ago, when Pedro Menéndez and the first 800 European settlers made landfall, their ships bore crucial survival provisions, among which Spanish wine held a cherished place.

Spain's rich tradition of cultivating wine grapes spans over 4,000 years, with its wines having captured the hearts of the Romans who consumed them throughout their empire. Today, Spanish wine stands as the most sought-after in Europe and represents the fastest-growing segment in the American wine market. The St. Augustine Spanish Wine Festival emerges as a platform to showcase our city regionally, nationally and internationally, leveraging the allure of Spanish wine to support local charities and reconnect with our founders through products as relevant today as they were to the early Spanish explorers.

Beyond mere libations, the festival transcends space and time, celebrating Spanish culture, music and food. Crafted with the intent to position St. Augustine as the Spanish Wine Capital of America, the event aims to foster historical-destination tourism, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a vibrant blend of heritage and modernity.

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