How do you want to experience the local waters of Fort Myers Beach? Right outside of Fort Myers Beach you can find our Bonita Springs rentals where there are plenty of possibilities for experiencing the joys of the water. Take a dolphin cruise with Island Time, and see these frolicking creatures jump up and over your wake. Tear a jet ski through the waters, reaching speeds of over 50 miles per hour. You can also head in the opposite direction and take a quiet and relaxing journey through the interior waters of Fort Myers Beach.

Kayaking eco-tours quietly and carefully carry you to some of the most hidden little nooks on Estero Island. Find otters and other animals scurrying about on the island. You can get caught up in all the fun tourist activities when visiting Fort Myers beach, but make sure you spend some time just soaking in the natural sights. The moment you see a sea turtle outside one of our Fort Myers Beach condos could be one of the best memories of the whole trip.

With our Fort Myers Beach vacation rentals, we like to give you the best in-road for what we believe is the best Gulf Coast destination in Florida. Bonita Springs is a particularly captivating place to stay. Bonita Springs is just south of Fort Myers Beach. It’s a quiet and romantic escape away from the hustle and bustle of Fort Myers.

Check out the gorgeous Bonita Beach Park at barefoot Beach. Barefoot lives up to its name. Scan the gulf for dolphins, spread your toes in the sands, and spend all your days in a quiet retreat. Enjoy the play and picnic area of Bonita Beach Park and have a lovely lunch overlooking the gulf.

Bonita Springs makes for a fantastic counterpart to Fort Myers Beach. Regardless of where you stay, you can appreciate the wildlife and nature all over the region.