Florida is filled with possibilities, and you can unlock many of them right on the coast of Fort Myers Beach. Florida is especially famous for its epic marine life. You can see exactly how the fish thrive today and how the creatures of the past aren’t much different from what we can see today. It is all at the IMAG History & Science Center, one of the top area attractions for all ages.

Kids will have a rewarding time with the virtual dive simulation and the close encounters with horseshoe crabs and stingrays Afterward, you can take the kids and head on over to the Shell Factory and Nature Park. This large family complex features fun rides for the kids, eclectic boutique and souvenir shops for the shoppers in your crew, and a connecting nature park and trail path for adventurers and nature lovers. These attractions are only the tip of the “Florida-fun” iceberg!

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Fort Myers Beach is a great beach destination where the whole family can have fun. The north end of the island by Times Square tends to be the busiest, while the middle of the island and south end beach areas are generally quiet.